Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Grocery Store Layout Maps

I'm the grocery shopper in my family. I actually enjoy shopping for food quite a bit. What I hate is wasting time looking for things, and not getting everything I need on my first pass through the store. Now, I go to the same store over and over, and I still can't remember where they put the capers. What I need is a map of the store, so I can align my grocery list with my actual shopping route . I've been meaning to make my own, but why don't grocery stores provide these for customers? Wouldn't that be a great help for regular shoppers who plan their grocery lists out in advance, and encourage repeat visits? They could have copies available in store and have downloadable PDFs on their websites. Seems like a relatively simple tool to differentiate a store from the competition. Do any stores you know provide these? Would you use them if they did?